My Books

A friend once likened my love of fiction to “living in a world of lies”. And you know what? I’m okay with that. In my quirky little brain, Platform 9 3/4 will lead me to Hogwarts (and to Ron Weasley), a bite from the Ummidia Stellarum trapdoor spider will leave a constellation-shaped scar and can help the bitten see in the dark, April and Oliver will make their way back to each other (and to that long-awaited kiss), and an apple tree in North Carolina will give the eater a vision of the most important event in his/her life.

Since you’re here, I’m betting you believe in “lies” like these too. Like me, you’re the type who can’t wait to curl up with the fuzzy animal of your choice (cats, in my case) and a book so compelling it’ll make you late for work. Every day.

The only thing better than getting shackled to a story like that is writing it. So here I’ll share my experiences as a writer, offer excerpts of my novels, and provide a behind-the-curtains-look at what inspires me.


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