Writer Recharge: Update 1

WriterRecharge 2015

So, the first week of Writer Recharge is behind me, and guess what? I actually did pretty damn well on my goals. (For details on how Writer Recharge works, click HERE.) Here’s the breakdown of what that I accomplished this week:

Write/Rewrite: I finished my read-through/edits of WISHES TO NOWHERE and sent to CPs and a friend who’s read it before! And the really exciting part is that I really, REALLY, love this story. *Fingers crossed CPs do too!*

I also decided to move forward with my new YA idea. This book will really be like putting a major chunk of my soul on paper and I’m excited for that. (It’s all about a soul-deep love of music, the loneliness that comes with being a teenager, and finding that one person who gets you without even trying.) Even if no one else reads it, I need to write this book for me. I worked on the outline some and thought about where the story starts, so I’m ready to hit my minimum of 2,000 words/week goal for the rest of the month!

Read: I read one ARC this week, COME AWAY WITH ME by Karma Brown. Amazing book. (Bonus points for making made me sob.) So, one more ARC and two more pubbed books to go this month!

Self: I started the 14-day workout challenges I’ve been staring at for a few months now. Only 12 more days to go.

Fun: I made good progress on my fun goal by finally going to the tattoo shop and talking with the artist about the tattoo I want. I put down a deposit, sent him the idea I want (basically this but with an open book instead of a paper boat), and scheduled an appointment. I’ve been holding off on this for years because I’ve been worried about what people (parents, boss, co-workers, etc.) will think if I have a pretty visible tattoo (my other one is on my hip so barely anyone ever sees it). And like the YA book mentioned in Goal 1, I decided I need to do this for me because it’s what I want and it’ll make me happy, so I just need to tell my self-conscious side to politely go to hell.

Okay, that’s it. Hope y’all have a great week!


10 thoughts on “Writer Recharge: Update 1

  1. Awesome job, Sus!! I’m so happy you’ve decided to go for the YA. I feel like that was really weighing on you, so I’m happy you’re just going to do it for YOU.

    And that tattoo is cute as hell! I can’t wait to see it all done up.

  2. That tattoo looks fantastic! Can’t wait to see what you eventually decide on. You’re rocking your goals! Good job on finishing your read-through/edits this week and best of luck with your new idea. Have a wonderful week, Susan! 😀

  3. I want a bookish tattoo so bad, thought I can’t nail down what. The one you linked to is incredible! You’ll have to share a photo when you get it. 🙂 Best of luck with your goals for the week, Susan!

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